Leaked slides from a confidential deck show Google+ may soon feature Google Analytics integration.

Dutch website Dutchcowboys found the entire deck with screens showcasing the combined services. According to the slides, users will soon have access to total number of visits with percentage of new visits, page views, average time spent on the site, and the bounce rate for their Google+ pages.

Google+ is a social network operated by Google Inc., and Google Analytics is a free service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. There is currently no way to measure or view Google+ activity other than self-analyzing +1 social engagement.

In related news, Google Analytics just unveiled a new set of Social reports last month. The feature will connect social media and business metrics for precise measurement of a social channel ‘s value. The service’s latest computation offering will help identify the value of traffic coming from social websites while tallying how they prompt direct conversions.

Today’s leaked official Google deck is available at Websonic.nl, but a few slides are available in the gallery below.

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