Google Analytics Stories February 19

Google Analytics is down and facing a “service disruption” for some users this evening. For those affected, the stats tool is blank and not loading any data.

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Google Analytics Stories December 5, 2019

Google’s Analytics newsroom dashboard integrates Google Trends topics

Back in March, Google released a useful Analytics-powered dashboard for newsrooms. Great on large screens, Realtime Content Insights (RCI) is now integrating trending topics from Google Trends.

Google Analytics Stories March 25, 2019

Last week, Google marked the one year anniversary of its Google News Initiative aimed at supporting publications with new technology and funding. The company today announced new analytics tools to help news organizations make better use of incoming data.

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Google Analytics Stories November 8, 2018

Google Analytics updated with Google Material Theme tweaks on the web

The Google Material Theme is continually sweeping through the company’s Android apps, with some notable redesigns on the web with Google Keep and soon Contacts. Google Analytics is now the latest service to get some tweaks on desktop.

Google Analytics Stories July 13, 2018

We all know Google is in the business of analytics, whether it’s as a service to help web developers or to help improve the relevance of ads you’re shown. Android developers even have the option of putting Google Analytics into their apps to better understand their users actions and decisions.

It comes as no surprise to me that Google’s Fuchsia Team has decided to build analytics directly into the operating system.

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Google Analytics Stories July 18, 2017

Google products like Search and Photos are pretty adept at answering queries asked in plain English. It allows people to search and issue commands as if they are asking or talking with an actual person. The company is now bringing this natural language processing to work-focused applications of Google Analytics. expand full story

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