NASA achieved a huge milestone very early this morning, as it landed the first rover on Mars after years of failed attempts. It was an awesome moment fueled by months of hard work and dedication. NASA posted the landing on YouTube. It showed engineers gleefully cheering and celebrating years of hard work. Of course, NASA wanted to share the event on YouTube in a 13-minute excerpt of the livestream that could have been viewed on Ustream, but not to be stopped by a fictitious copyright claim.

An unknown network (in my eyes), Scripps Local News filed for a DMCA takedown. No one is exactly sure why the claim was filed or on what ground it would have the right to earn a takedown. The video uploaded was NASA’s content by all means, and even NASA does not copyright most of its content.

It was definitely a weird situation, but the video has thankfully been re-uploaded for your viewing pleasure. We reached out to Scripps Local News in an attempt to learn more about the situation. Oh, and you can check out the Mars landing video below. It is now 9 minutes rather than the original 13 minutes: [ via Gizmodo]

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