Google published a blog post today on the Official Google Blog that highlights some of the new schools it will welcome for the upcoming school year. Among them: 72 of the 100 top U.S. Universities and seven of the eight Ivy League universities. The full list of 14 is below:

By going Google, students and teachers have access to a whole new way of doing things: They can better collaborate in and out of the classroom; office hours can be held via hangouts; e-portfolios can be created and maintained in a Google Site; professors can give real-time feedback in a Google document (no red pen necessary); and group projects can take place across continents instead of side-by-side in a library.

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    • -Bates College
    • -Carnegie Mellon University
    • -Georgetown University
    • -Princeton University
    • -Rice University
    • -Smith College
    • -Stony Brook University
    • -University of California, Berkeley
    • -University of Colorado, Boulder
    • -University of Dayton
    • -University of Mississippi
    • -University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences
    • -Vassar College
    • -Virginia Tech

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