The folks in Mountain View want businesses, schools and people around the world to go Google, and they are continually recruiting by encouraging current Google Apps users to share their “gone Google” stories.

Design Within Reach CEO John Edelman is the latest unofficial spokesperson to tell the story about how he and his national retail operation, which sells modern design for homes and offices, moved to Google Apps, with the help of Google Apps reseller Cloud Sherpas, for ease of communication.

According to Edelman (via the official Google Enterprise blog):

Before Google Apps, it wasn’t easy to share important materials like store promotion schedules, store layouts, or PR updates quickly and efficiently. Instead, we relied heavily on email for communication. In retail, things change all the time and emailing about employee schedules, promotional timelines or new merchandise availability meant that the information was quickly out of date and risked employees having inaccurate information. Google Apps changed all that. Now, our marketing team is able to track in-store promotions via shared calendars. Employees can track inventory through Google Docs, so when we have a floor sale and someone wants 4 red chairs and we only have one, we can easily hop onto Google Docs and find the chairs at another location. The customer is happy – and we’re happy because we’ve made a sale and cleared the floor.

Get the full story at the Google Enterprise blog or watch the video above.

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