What’s this? A cliché shot of an airplane’s wing taken by the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google. Not quite, look again:

Vic Gundotra shared the majestic photo, as first noted by #googleplusupdate, to his Google+ profile via Snapseed. As far as the public knows, Snapseed, despite Google buying its developer last month, is an iOS-only app.

Gundotra revealed shortly after Google’s acquisition of Nik Software that the photography firm’s expertise will go to Google+. Furthermore, rumblings of a Snapseed for Android app were circulating long before the buyout. The executive’s post therefore seems to suggest a couple new developments are coming down the pipeline shortly.

What do you think: Snapseed for Android…or Snapseed and Google+ integration? Gundotra could also be using, dare we say, Snapseed for iOS or Snapseed for Mac. Gasp!

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