YouTube wants Americans to video record and submit their voting experience, just as it encouraged folks to do during the last election.

The U.S. Election Day is tomorrow, and Olivia Ma, of the YouTube News and Politics team, gave a few details on the official YouTube Global blog this morning on how to capture Election Day videos:

We want to see and hear from you tomorrow. Whether you’re vlogging about which candidate you support, capturing footage of the long line at your polling place, or encouraging your friends to get out of the house and go vote, we’re inviting you to send us your Election Day videos. You can either tweet them to @YouTubePolitics or include #YouTubePolitics in the video title, and a selection will be featured on the YouTube Elections Hub.

YouTube reminded those who are interested to check their state law for more information about polling place activities and to consult with the Citizen Media Law Project’s Documenting Your Vote project before recording at a voting location.

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As for where Americans can go to cast their ballots, simply type “where to vote” into Google and then enter an address in the Voter Information search field.

The search engine will aggregate specifics related to polling site locations and ballot summary details in an easy-t0-navigate “Politics & Elections” hub, and it streams live coverage of the returns through the YouTube Elections Hub. It also offers interactive information on the campaign, primary results, and voter info, as well as interesting trends and insights data. 

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