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Android has passed Apple’s iOS for the first time in Australia, according to a new research report from Telsyte (via TheSydneyMorningHerald). Telsyte reported 44 percent of smartphones in Australia are now running on Android—just slightly edging out Apple with 43 percent of the market running iOS. Telsyte Research Director Foad Fadaghi attributed Android’s growth to a wider range of handsets, faster product cycles, and carrier support has helped Android close the gap:

“Our new research shows that the lower prices, faster product cycles and carrier support has helped Android become the leading platform,” Fadaghi says.

While Apple and Android dominate the market with 87 percent of smartphones in the country, Fadaghi noted Apple has “the highest repeat purchase intention amongst consumers, with iPhone upgrades significantly driving re-contracting with carriers.”

You can read the full results of the Telsyte report here.

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