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MLB.com digital head Bob Bowman told AllThingsD that they were slowly picking up Android users – up from 20% two years ago to 30% today – but that iOS users still spend more.

The site offers a free app with a choice of paid subscriptions, at $19.99/month and $24.99/month. Bowman said that the majority of paid sign-ups came from iOS users …


We’re heavily skewed towards iOS as you would expect. We’re probably 80/20, maybe even 85/15, in terms of revenue. [The iPhone] is a more expensive phone …  and it’s sort of self-selective … if you’re spending $3-400 on a phone, a $20 app is not as much.

Stats published by web video company Ooyala revealed that iPhone users appear to watch a lot more video than Android users, largely, we suspect, due to the iPad. A tablet makes a much more comfortable video viewing device than a phone, and Apple has a 43.6% market share of the tablet market.

As you might have guessed, neither Windows Phone nor Blackberry gets a look-in:

There’s no other [mobile platform]. It’s Apple and it’s Android. The ‘other’ is less than a percentage point.

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