We’re here at the AllThingsD D11 conference where Walt Mossberg is interviewing Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside and SVP Regina Dugan. Catch our live blog below:

– Woodside says a handful of new Android phones from company launching within 6 months.

– Woodside confirms “hero” phone called “Moto X” will have wide launch.

– Moto X makes use of many sensors like accelerometers. Example: Phone taken out of pocket, camera launches. Phone can be contextually-aware when it is in a car. Full story here. 

– Built in the United States. 2000 jobs for this project. Built in Forth Worth, Texas. Parts sourced from Taiwan/Korea. 5000 square foot facility.

– Walt asking about Advanced Technologies team. Dugan talking about problems that could be fixed through innovation. Dugan talking about authentication for cell phones. Dugan is profoundly interested in wearables.

– Dugan is wearing an electronic tattoo for authentication. Whoa. And a vitamin pill that has a switch to turn your entire body into an authenticator.

– Big unsolved problems: breaking phones, battery issues. These won’t be fixed this year, but seemingly solutions are in development.

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