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Motorola’s latest flagship device, the Moto X Phone, is set to be released sometime this fall, but despite not having released any images of it, the company is getting ready to run its first ad for the phone. The ad, as shown by Ad Age, shows some definite Google influence, as well as the logo we reported on last month.

The ad is centered around the Fourth of July festivities and focuses on the fact that it is made in the United States.

“What we are doing which is very different is assembling [Moto X smartphones] here in the U.S. in our assembly plant in Ft. Worth, Texas,” Motorola’s VP-global brand and product marketing Brian Wallace said in an interview. “What better time than July 4th to come with a message like that?”

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While no images of the device itself are shown, the ad does flaunt the fact that it is fully customizable and “designed by you.” This falls in line with reports we heard earlier this year claiming that the device would essentially be sold built-to-order, meaning everyone has a unique phone and experience.

“Smartphones are very different than other tech products a consumer owns,” Mr. Wallace said. “They’re closer to shoes or a watch. You carry it with you everywhere you go. Everyone sees what phone you’re carrying and they judge you on it. Yet, it’s the one thing you carry that’s the least customizable.”

The ad will run in the July 3rd editions of the The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

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