It’s no secret that Samsung Galaxy device owners aren’t too fond of Sammy’s native software, however some folks will go to great lengths to see the company’s bloatware completely removed from their handset — even as far as paying out cold hard cash. Recently, a group of Verizon customers turned to the community at XDA Developers in hopes of finding a solution that will bring root access to Big Red’s version of the Galaxy S5.

Perhaps desperate to get rid of TouchWiz, the troubled software syndicate is offering a bounty to developers who can help their cause. As of writing this, the payout is almost at $3,500 and shows no signs of slowing down. While a cash reward is always a great motivator, this doesn’t guarantee that a root will be produced for Verizon’s GS5, however it’s a gallant effort for sure.

If you or someone you know is up to the challenge, here’s a glance at the bounty’s requirements:

  1. Be the first person to create or find a method to achieve the following: Exploiting a fully stock VRU1ANCG build to gain root access
  2. Make a post in this thread with the following: Proving it works with appropriate photos and/or screenshots and providing full step-by-step instructions for which anyone else can follow.
  3. Wait for at least one member to follow the same method and confirm it works the same on their fully stock device with VRU1ANCG build.
  4. Claim your bounty via PM from pledger(s).

Good luck!

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