Facebook has released a notable updated with version 5.0 of its Messenger app for Android today. In the update, Facebook has made it easier than ever to share content in messages with new quick links for sending photos, voice messages, stickers, and accessing the camera to snap a photo.

Version 5.0 also introduces faster search for looking up names of people and groups and the ability to send video from your device’s gallery and play video within messages directly in the app. Facebook notes that the new video feature only works on devices running Android version 4.3 and up currently.

The updated Facebook app for Android is available through Google Play now.


More ways to message: Now it’s easier to send photos, voice messages and more

Video: Send videos from your gallery and play them right in the app. (Works on Android 4.3 and up. We’ll continue to improve video and bring it to more phones.)

Instant photo sharing: Take a photo and send it in just one tap.

Stickers shortcuts: When someone sends you a sticker, press and hold down on it to get the pack.

Faster search: Just enter the names of people and groups

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