Google’s mobile office suite isn’t the most refined experience, but it’s there if you need to compose a document or edit a spreadsheet while on the go. Aware of its shortcomings (and competition), the company has released three new mobile apps today that aim to improve the way you handle projects when out and about. First up is Docs, a full-blown word processing application that lets users compose, edit and share documents directly from their mobile devices. The second new piece of software in Google’s big release is Sheets, which focuses specifically on spreadsheets. With similar functionality to Docs, this app lets you edit and manage rows and columns on a spreadsheet from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

Rounding out today’s announcements is the soon to be released mobile version of Slides. It’s not available yet, but Google says that you’ll be able to manage your presentations from your mobile gear in the near future. In addition to being standalone items, all three of these applications offer offline support and the two that are available today feature auto save. So feel free to go off the grid and live dangerously.

(via Google)

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