Google today announced a newer, revised version of its Glass headset. According to a post on Google+, the biggest change in hardware comes with what’s under the hood. With this revised version, Google will double the amount of RAM found in Glass to have 2GB on board. This extra RAM “will allow for more Glassware to run in parallel and for each Glassware to start more quickly,” Glass product manager Steve Lee said. “You’ll notice the device generally feels a bit faster and more reliable.”

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Google is also touting that battery life will significantly be improved with this revision. Between a combination of a slightly bigger battery and a plethora of software enhancements, Google says that Glass will last 15 percent longer between charges. Google began shipping Glass units with the larger battery in March, but Lee says the true optimization comes from the software tweaks. “There’s some things we can do with hardware, but the more consistent improvements simply come with the OTA updates we do regularly,” he stated.

In addition to the hardware changes, Google is also introducing a new voice-activated view finder that will help users better frame their pictures. Now, you can say “Ok Glass, show the view finder” and four L’s will appear in the corners of your screen. Google is also adding two new Google Now cards to Glass, one to help you remember where you parked and another to track your packages.

All Glass users will get the new software enhancements, but the model with 2GB is shipping now and current Explorers will not have the option to swap their units like they did during the hardware revision last Fall.

(via The Verge)

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