The fate of Google’s Nexus line of devices has been up in the air for several months now, with LG saying it is not working on a device for it and Android Silver reportedly taking over its role. At Google I/O last month, however, Googler David Burke confirmed that the company is still heavily interested in the Nexus line of devices. Rumors have also recently circulated that HTC is working on a 9-inch Nexus tablet dubbed the Volantis. Now, Android Police is reporting that Google and Motorola are working on a device codenamed Shamu.

Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4K Monitor

According to the report, Google and Motorola are aiming for a release of the Shamu in the United States this November and will target the “major US carriers.” The device reportedly features a 5.9-inch display and fingerprint sensor and is a contender for the Nexus program. Other specs remain unclear at this point, but Android Police says that it is confident that the Shamu is in “active development” by both Motorola and Google.

While no images of the device itself have been leaked as of this post, the Shamu has made at least one appearance in Google’s issue tracker. The lack of an image of the device itself certainly lowers the credibility of the report, but given Android Police’s accuracy in the past, we have no reason not to believe that the Shamu exists.

The partnership between Motorola and Gogole is also an interesting one, seeing that Google recently sold the company to Lenovo. But Motorola proved over the past year that it can still make great Android devices, so a 5.9-inch Nexus device by the company certainly excites us.

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