LG may have inadvertently revealed its pen-powered Galaxy Note competitor, however details about the G3 Stylus are still very limited. If you were hoping that the South Korean manufacturer’s large smartphone’s hardware would be on a par with Samsung famous phablet, prepare to be disappointed. According to The Korea Times, the LG G3 Stylus will be more of a budget-friendly handset opposed to a powerful flagship.

Although the unannounced smartphone may look like a larger G3, the device’s specs will reportedly fall short compared to LG’s current champ. The G3 Stylus is rumored to launch sometime this during this quarter and its display will be “around 5.5-inches,” but the rest of the phone’s specs are still a mystery. It’s also unknown if the G3 Stylus will see a global release, or if the device’s availability will be limited to specific markets.

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