Android Wear is definitely getting a lot of attention over in Mountain View, and the company behind what has easily become the current top-dog smartwatch platform is now trying to make it even more clear why you need Android on your wrist. The LG G Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear are already out and making waves in the industry, and with the Moto 360 not far off—and presumably the competition as well–it seems as if Google is now ready to make sure you’re aware of all the great things Wear can do for you.

The first ad is a little bit longer and does a great job of showing a variety of different life circumstances in which having a smart device on your wrist could be useful. The other three, which clock in at 15 seconds each, focus on specific situations in which certain aspects of Android Wear would come in handy. As is the case with a lot of Google’s promotional material, though, they all depict the lives of those much more adventurous than the average Joe. I doubt many people with Wear would ever get the chance of asking their watch how much an elephant weighs while out on a safari. But I guess it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Scroll down to watch them for yourself.


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