Today Verizon announced that it’s now accepting pre-orders for the stainless steel band version of the Moto 360. Available in black or white for $300, Big Red says the metal version of Motorola’s round smartwatch will ship on November 11th. The leather strap variant of the  Moto 360 launched last week and had a strong initial showing, with the timepiece selling out across several vendors.

Early adopters looking to spice up their new purchase can pick up an official Motorola-made stainless steel band for $80, or buy a new strap from a third-party accessory maker. However, this early in the Moto 360’s life cycle, we’re likely to see a lot of low-end knockoff bands released for the device, so if you’re looking for an extra strap, you may want to bite the bullet and drop the extra cash for Motorola’s official product.

(via Verizon)

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