As part of its Garage project that sees employees working on projects during spare time, Microsoft today is releasing two new Android apps and an experimental Bing app for Android Wear devices.

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The two apps for Android smartphones include Next Lock Screen, a lock screen replacement app that offers contextual info based on your location and quick app launching, and a Journeys & Notes app that Microsoft describes as a “social app for the space between an origin and a destination.”

Whether you’re taking the bus to work across town, or jet-setting across the globe, checking-in to your trips with Journeys & Notes unlocks a community of people who have traveled the path you’re on.

Lastly, Microsoft today took the wraps off Bing Torque, an Android Wear app Microsoft says “makes uttering “Ok Google” unnecessary” by allowing users to twist their wrist and talk to search Bing. “Instead, with Bing Torque, just twist your wrist and talk to Bing with questions like “What’s the weather going to be tomorrow?” “How tall is Obama?” “What’s Microsoft’s current stock price?”. It is like to have Microsoft’s Cortana running on your smart watch.”

Microsoft has more info on its Garage project here.

(via TNW)

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