It seems like every major US wireless carrier went double data crazy this month and the madness doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Today, Sprint announced a new low-cost plan targeting casual data users. For $20 a month, the carrier is offering 1GB of sharable data that can be divided among 10 lines through one of its family plans.

Under this new setup, Sprint customers can build their own plans by selecting a 1GB data allowance and adding access for other lines on their plan with unlimited talk and text. You can even add a tablet ($10 per month) or mobile hotspot ($20 per month) to the mix, if your smartphone isn’t the only device in your repertoire.

Sure, 1GB isn’t a lot of data, but some folks are lightweights, so Sprint’s new offering might be appealing to people casual smartphone users who find themselves running the occasional Google search every now and then.

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