Android 5.0 is here and if you’ve invested in a Google Play edition of the HTC One M8 or last year’s M7, your respective device’s update is expected to land next week. This information comes from Mo Versi HTC’s vice president of product management who recently stated that his company was targeting a release time of next week.

Not to be confused with the standard versions of the HTC One M8 and M7, Google Play edition devices are a special hardware series that feature nearly stock Android, making it a lot easier for companies to issue software updates in a timely manner. The only tradeoff with these specialized handsets is that they’re not sold by wireless carriers and they typically need to be purchased at full price.

Versi said that next week is HTC’s targeted period for the device updates, meaning that it’s not written in stone. However, if things go smoothly, people who purchased these unique smartphones will soon be reaping the benefits of their investment.

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