Citing “highly credible sources,” SamMobile reports that Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S6 will have a touch-based fingerprint scanner for improved usage. Samsung has equipped several of its devices with fingerprint scanners in the past, dating back to the flagship Galaxy S5, but each has used swipe-based technology that often resulted in identification errors.

The report claims that the Galaxy S6’s fingerprint scanner will function the same as Touch ID on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, allowing for an entire fingerprint to be registered instead of a partial one. Samsung’s current fingerprint scanner does allow for fingerprints to be registered at multiple angles, although few users know about this option.

“The new touch-based sensor is built into the home button as well, just like its predecessor,” the report claims. “However, we are told the Korean company has made the home button slightly bigger compared to the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, which makes the experience flawless. With the new touch-based sensor, you wouldn’t have to swipe your finger on the sensor anymore; instead, you would just place your fingertip on the home key – at any angle – then lift it off, and that’s it.”

Samsung is reportedly not working on any new software features for the fingerprint scanner at this time, although legacy features such as fingerprint unlocking, web sign-in, Samsung account verification, private mode and secure payments via PayPal should make their reappearance on the Galaxy S6. Other details surrounding the Galaxy S6 beyond purported hardware specifications are limited.

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