Google is working on a new social network community called Tablescape for sharing photos of food, according to a new report from Android Police with additional information from El Androide Libre. The service is somewhat of an extension of Google+, but with heavy optimization for users looking to share and browse photos of food.

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In leaked screenshots of the Tablescape app, a stream of content similar to what you’d find on Google+ is visible. There are posts from users with photos of their meals, as well as tips for taking pictures of your food. Within the navigation pull-out is the ability for users to access their “foodographs,” as well as featured posts, a dish of the day, and other opportunities to explore the social network.

All of the information that appears in the screenshots is real, with information being funneled from an existing group for foodies on Google+ called “The Plate.” As of right now, Tablescape seems to be something that is only being tested within Google, but could launch to the public at some point. Additional details and specifics remain unclear at this point.

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