food Stories February 24, 2016

Google Maps expands ‘Explore around you’ to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, & Japan

Google Maps is expanding its ‘Explore around you’ feature to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan. The tool helps users find places to grab a meal or drink based on location and lists them as pre-made categories.

food Stories June 2, 2015

Android lawn statues

How many calories does all that Android have?

Google showed off its new photo storage service at I/O last week with features including unlimited backup and searching for images by keywords, but the company has another image-related technology in development. Google can already recognize images of food when you search your photo library, but its currently developing technology that goes a step further by actually counting the calories in your meal based on your food shots. This could make dieting and calorie counting much more convenient in the future if it works well enough… expand full story

food Stories February 18, 2015

Google is working on a new social network community called Tablescape for sharing photos of food, according to a new report from Android Police with additional information from El Androide Libre. The service is somewhat of an extension of Google+, but with heavy optimization for users looking to share and browse photos of food.

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food Stories October 28, 2014

Taco Bell’s new Android app lets you order before you arrive

The popular fine dining restaurant chain Taco Bell has blacked out its Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as its website today to draw full attention to its new Android app. Why? Because you can finally order your Nacho Cheese Doritos® Chips Taco Supreme® right from your Android phone and pay in the app.

food Stories June 5, 2014


In case you didn’t know, Google can help you plan your next meal. No, the search behemoth isn’t using its Zagat-owned tech to recommend a restaurant, it’s helping you in the kitchen. Perhaps dormant or maybe new, Google recently outed a filter that lets you pull up an ingredients list when searching for food or a recipe.

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food Stories February 11, 2014

Google experimenting with restaurant menu information in search results

As noted by Search Engine Land, Google is apparently toying with the idea of displaying menus for restaurants in search results. The menu items and prices are reportedly being served by the GrubHub-powered Because AllMenus only supports a limited number of cities right now, it’s not likely most users will find relevant information yet.

Google hasn’t officially announced any plans to integrate menus into search results, though the company is always looking for new data to add to its Knowledge Graph.

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food Stories December 19, 2013

Earlier this year, Google launched Zagat for iPhone and iPod touch. The application is Google’s form of allowing users to discover new places, such as restaurants, across many cities in the United States. Today, Google has updated the application with support for the iPad’s larger display. Also in the mix is support for ratings and reviews for shops and restaurants. Support for Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee has also been added. The 2.0 update is free on the App Store.

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