If you’re a user of Google Play Music, you probably know that you can store your own music on Google’s servers for streaming from your various devices, but now Google has announced that the amount of songs that you can store for free has been increased, up to 50,000 songs from 20,000. While many of Google’s competitors charge for this kind of service, Google has long offered the ability to store several thousand songs for free—and now they’re upping the limit.

“This has been a long standing request from users,” Google says about the change. To add music from your local library to Google’s cloud, simply head to Google Play Music and log in with your Google account. In the top right corner of the page you’ll see a button labeled “Add Music,” and clicking it will bring up a prompt for you to choose which tracks you’d like to upload—and the limit is now 50,000 as of today. After that, you can stream them from any device that can access Google Play.


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