Update: The 5.0.2 factory images are for the Nexus 9 are now available.

The Nexus 9 is now receiving an OTA update, not to the most recent Android 5.1.1 build, but to the older Android 5.0.2. While most Nexus devices received 5.0.2 months ago and have been more recently receiving Android 5.1.1, the poor flagship Nexus 9 tablet from Google was still stuck on 5.0.1 until today.

The update to 5.1.1 is expected to coming any day now, and one Googler recently said that the team is doing everything they can to push it as soon as possible. While we can’t be certain, it seems that this relatively small 23.3 MB OTA update might just be preparation for the bigger 5.1(.1) release.

We’ll keep our eyes on the factory image download page (5.0.2 isn’t available there quite yet for the Nexus 9), but until then, feel free to click the link below the download the OTA update file.

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