Project Brillo

Google’s Sundar Pichai unveiled Project Brillo today, which it describes as the underlying operating system for the Internet of Things. Brillo was built by the Nest, Android, and Chrome OS teams is built on a stripped down version of Android.  Brillo boasts minimal system requirements and broad chip support for running on connected devices like door locks and other smart devices that rely on WiFi and Bluetooth for connecting. Because Brillo is based on Android, Google says its both secure and scalable for device manufacturers.

Another part of the Internet of Things platform is Weave, which Google says will allow connected devices to more easily talk to each other. Google describes Weave as a common language that Brillo devices can use to communicate to Android devices and the cloud.

Weave will include standardized commands for devices to translate phrases into actions. These commands will be provided by Google to start, but developers can submit their own which Google will support and share through a Weave certification program.

On the Android side, users will be able to setup and manage Brillo-based devices from one interface


Google says Brillo will go into developer preview in Q3, and the full stack for Weave will be ready in Q4 of this year with documentation being released throughout the year.

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