We told you Wednesday that Nest has some new hardware in the works (likely to be announced at its upcoming June 17th event), and now droid-life has come out with press images of the new Nest Cam—an update to the hardware and branding of the current Dropcam Pro. We also mentioned yesterday that Nest has a new app in the works that will work with all of Nest’s hardware, and it looks like we get to take an early peek at that too…

We first noticed on Monday that Nest had a Dropcam-like device go through the FCC late last month, and it’s very likely that the image you’re seeing above is that device in the flesh. We don’t know yet how it’s going to differ from the current Dropcam Pro in terms of internal hardware, but its physical appearance is definitely a departure from the last model’s design, incorporating a sleeker neck and what looks to be a larger circular base.

Here’s another shot:


Secondly, it appears we now have confirmation of the existence of the new Nest app that will likely be launching alongside the new Nest Cam. As you can see, the app has support for the Nest Thermostat, Protect, Cam, and both legacy models of the Dropcam. Also confirming our report from yesterday, these images show that the app has indeed been given a visual overhaul—but it’s still not sporting Google’s Material Design.

While we don’t yet have any tangible evidence to back it up, we’ve also heard that Nest is working on iterative updates to both its Thermostat and Protect products as well. Information is light on the Protect for now, but the Thermostat will have a new base that supports more HVAC systems, a thinner physical profile, a better screen than the current model, and upgraded internals (including a faster processor). We’ll keep you updated as we draw near to the event next week.

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