Update 2: And they’re back!

Update: Uh oh. Looks like they have disappeared from the Play Store.

Google has slowly been moving many of its in-house built stock apps to the Play Store for quite some time now, and today two more apps were added to that list. Starting now, you’ll be able to download and update both the stock Dialer app and the Google Contacts app via their Play Store listings…

If you check out Google’s profile on the Play Store, you’ll find that many apps that were once only available pre-baked with a new Nexus or Google Play Edition device are now available for download. These include Messenger, Clock, Google Camera, and others.

These two apps, however, are more restricted than others. To download the stock Dialer and Contacts apps, you need to have a Nexus, Android One or Google Play Edition device running Android Marshmallow and above. You can find both of the apps on the Play Store for free: Phone, and Contacts.

Additionally, today seems to mark a pretty decent update to the Phone app. If you head over and grab the version now on the Play Store, you’ll soon find out that the app now has call blocking and a new UI when on a call. Both apps got version bumps: Dialer goes up to 2.3 from 2.2, and the Contacts app is up to 1.3 from 1.2.

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