The Pixel C is likely the most baffling and bug riddled product that Google launched last year. During an AMA after the product’s launch, the Pixel team promised updates in line with Android’s monthly security patches. As part of this month’s updates, the keyboard accessory received a firmware update that hopefully address connectivity issues.

A security patch was not released for the Pixel C in January. Presumably, February’s update also includes those patches. After updating the Pixel C to MXB48T, users are receiving a prompt to update the keyboard’s firmware when it is connected. The install takes a few minutes and the keyboard automatically reconnects to the Pixel C when it is finished.

Like the tablet, the $150 keyboard accessory is well built and has a clever charging mechanism. However, it suffers from Bluetooth issues that interfere with connectivity. Additionally, some users in the past reported words not showing up on the screen instantaneously. This month’s update seems to fix the latter issue and improve the connection.

This month’s updates are minor and rolling out to owners now, but it is a start. However, the device and Android still desperately needs tablet-specific software features, like split-screen multitasking.

Screenshot from Google+

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