Following the removal of the notification center last year, Chrome is now getting rid of the app launcher in Mac, Windows, and Linux. It will be a slow process, but the rarely used launcher for Chrome and web apps will be fully removed for all users in July.

The gradual removal will begin in a couple of weeks with the browser no longer enabling the launcher when a user install a Chrome app. Current users will see a notice telling them that the feature is going away, but it will not be until July that all instances of the launcher will be removed.

You’ll still be able to view a list of apps by clicking the apps shortcut in the bookmarks bar or typing chrome://apps. The launcher was particularly useful for quick Google searches and calculations from the Mac dock or Windows taskbar. Google cites a renewed focus on simplicity and the fact that users prefer launching apps from within Chrome as justification for the feature’s retirement. Any change that slims down Chrome and improves performance will be a welcome update to most users.

Of course, the app launcher and notification center will still remain in Chrome OS.

Image via Gizmodo

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