The most recent update to Google Photos on the web introduced some much-needed editing features. Today’s addition of direct album uploads and new keyboard shortcuts will be a huge help when editing photos in bulk.

Previously, users had to first upload their photos, then choose what album to place it in via a small popup in the bottom left of the screen. In the updated version, there is now a ‘Select From Computer’ option under the ‘Add’ menu in all albums. As part of Smarter Albums, users can now also add captions and maps directly into an album on the web. A reminder also pops up telling users that Stories and Albums will soon be merged.

Today’s second update adds useful keyboard shortcuts for bulk editing. One of the most useful ones is the ability to start a search by tapping ‘/’. When editing a photo, ‘O’ will show the original and ‘A’ will auto enhance. Equally useful is the ability to download and show/hide info with a tap of a their respective key combinations.

These updates should be rolled out to all users.

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