Those lucky enough to live in a city with Google Fiber will soon receive an update that essentially turns their current TV Box into a Chromecast. As the TV Box is already hooked up to a television, users will be able to stream music, video, and apps without making changes to their current setup.

The TV box that comes as part of a Fiber subscription is quite generic and has a simple interface for browsing live television and accessing the DVR. It’s unknown what operating system it runs, but evidently something that is compatible with Google Cast. This addition makes hooked up TVs much smarter with access to apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Photos, and more. Users will be able to cast content from Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Streaming content to a screen can be controllable though the Google Cast app, but to access other functionality like recording TV and listings users will still need to rely on the Fiber TV app.

Interestingly, some cast-enabled Android and iOS apps might not be available to cast content to a Fiber TV due to restrictions. This list currently includes: Hulu, WatchESPN, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney X D, WATCH ABC, Spotify, and HBO NOW.

Google Cast will roll out to Fiber TV for all television subscribers in the coming weeks.

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