We’ve had our hands on the new Google Home voice activated speaker (by Google…) for only a few days now, and our review is on the way (soon!), but we thought we’d first share a quick hands-on and unboxing of the device…

Google Home is Google’s attempt at putting its newly-launched Assistant in your home as an always-on standalone product, and it does a pretty good job of that. It also serves as a decent speaker that can fill a room with sound, and the possibilities for the device’s future are exciting as more third-parties build experiences that integrate with the Assistant.

The hardware is pretty sleek and simple, with only one button, a capacitive touch-sensitive top, far-field microphones, and interchangeable bottoms. It’s a nice looking device overall, sitting in between the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot in size. And in price, at $129, it’s right between those two devices as well.

Here’s a quick look, and stay tuned for our review:

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