From the beginning, Google+ has attracted a community of photographers who continue to share their work on the network. You may have seen those images as backdrops for your Chromecast or Fiber TV box. With a pair of new apps, Android and Mac devices will now have the ability to set those images as wallpapers and screen savers.

On Android, Featured Photos can be accessed through the Google Wallpapers app launched with the Pixel. Available for all devices, an update rolling out today will add Google+ as a new source to select for your home or lock screen image. The Wallpapers picker will include attributions to allow for easy following in Google+ and allows for auto updating once a day.

The desktop app works only as a screen saver and features native Mac integration. Once installed, ‘Google Featured’ will appear as an option in the Desktop & Screen Saver preferences window. Users will be able to use the native settings to control when a wallpaper starts.

Screen savers appear statically with attribution in the bottom right corner and the Google+ logo on the right. A different image appears every time your computer goes to sleep. The 7.8MB app is free and works with macOS 10.9 Mavericks and above.


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