Besides a Doodle to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Google is also giving a nod to the birthday of the revered Civil Rights leader in Assistant. Activating the ‘My Day’ feature on a Pixel or Home will provide some more information about the day, as well as a related quote.

After going through your itinerary, but before playing the News, Google Assistant adds that today is MLK Jr. Day. Set to a calm background tune, Assistant notes how Dr. King led the African-American Civil Rights Movement through non-violent protests.

In a jarring departure from Assistant’s robotic voice, a clip featuring President Obama speaking at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington plays:

no one can match King’s brilliance — but the same flame that lit the heart of all who are willing to take a first step for justice, I know that flame remains.

The message ends with Assistant noting that King would have been 88 years old this week.

Google notes in the My Day options that the feature would include “important things in your day” besides Weather, Work commute, Next meeting, and Reminders. Notably, the special message plays regardless of whether the News option is disabled/enabled.

Besides Google’s two tributes, other companies have done the same, with Apple posting an image of King on its homepage with a quote.

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