Google acquired Webpass — another longtime provider of gigabit internet — last year, and now Google has added six cities where you can get super-fast internet through the service to its Google Fiber map. You’ll now see the option to get Webpass for Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Diego…

Clicking on one of these cities will see you redirected to the Webpass website, where you can sign up to get Webpass internet so long as your building meets certain requirements.

Customers in six metro areas — now marked by a green pin — may be eligible to use Webpass if their building has at least 10 units, and is wired with Ethernet cabling. Copper Ethernet wiring can allow for blazing gigabit speeds, making them an affordable alternative for building owners to install vs. coaxial cable or even fiber.

Google Fiber’s future has been a bit uncertain as of late, with the company losing its CEO last October and announcing that it would be pausing future deployment. As promised, service has continued in current cities, however, so maybe Google Fiber isn’t in as much trouble as some other Alphabet companies have been over the last year.

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