Google Photos recently rolled out the ability to create Photo books, as well as an archiving function to clear away clutter from the main image feed. In version 2.16, the latter feature is gaining some smarts with Assistant now suggesting pictures to automatically archive.

Under the setting for Assistant cards in version 2.16, there is a new “Suggested Archive” option to “Get suggestions to archive photos.” I’ve already received one notification and a corresponding card in the Assistant tab to “Clear the clutter.”

The suggestions are especially geared towards documents and other receipts so that they don’t overwhelm your main photo library. I’ve also found that it’s particularly useful for and good at finding pictures taken of books and textbooks.

Reviewing the suggestions will list the images that Google pre-selected to archive. Here you can un-select images, with a “More suggestions” button at the very bottom of the page loading 30 additional photos that you might want to archive. Archived items still appear in albums, as well as in search results.

Version 2.16 of Google Photos for Android is widely rolling out via the Play Store. This feature is also live for iOS in version 2.17.

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