Chrome OS’ various testing channels are constantly trying out new features, designs, and more. We’ve seen a ton of changes in the past few months, and recently another was revealed — a brand new design for the lockscreen.

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First spotted by William Greene on Google+ (via Chrome Story), the Canary channel of Chrome OS appears to be testing out a brand new design for the lockscreen which is a stunning, but welcome change to the OS. The new look is functionally the same as the current, offering input for both passwords and PINs as well as showing the active account’s profile image and name. Toward the bottom, there are options for power, signing out, as well as notifications and the quick settings menu.

The overall redesign is nice in my eyes. It’s a very clean look that well suits the rest of Chrome OS’ Material Design style. However, it does bear a striking resemblance to another desktop OS — Apple’s macOS. While there are some notable differences for sure, the look is certainly very similar. Is that a bad thing? Not at all, and it even makes sense considering that quite a lot of developers over at Google primarily use macOS.

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