Google today is rolling out a software update to Google Wifi and OnHub devices. The update comes as version 9460.40.5 and brings bug fixes and a few other improvements, including new features and capabilities…

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On its support forum, Google says that the software update includes IPv6 support, which brings a host of improvements in and of itself. IPv6 includes things such as more efficient routing and processing, simplified network configuration, improved security, and much more.

In addition to IPv6 support, there’s a new warning for when you try to pause your own device, as well as the ability to delete a custom name for a device. The update also adds a new Network Check feature that makes it easier for users to quickly and easily see performance of their mesh speeds.

The full changelog for the Google Wifi update can be found below:

  • IPv6: You can now enable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on Google Wifi
  • Family Wi-Fi: Warning appears when you try to pause your own device
  • Device names: Ability to delete a custom name you previously created for a device
  • Network Check: See detailed results of your mesh speed
  • General stability & performance improvements

In order to see what software version your Google Wifi is running, head into the Google Wifi app on iOS or Android, tap network settings then Wifi point, and look at the top for the version number.

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