TCL’s BlackBerry Keyone from earlier this year might not have been the most impressive or powerful handset of 2017, but it’s certainly one of the more interesting releases that we’ve seen.The Keyone’s nostalgic step back in time is what really caught our attention in our full review, and a handful of new photos have recently popped up that may give us a glance at the next BlackBerry-branded device that’ll hit the market — the Krypton.

Two photos of the alleged BlackBerry Krypton were recently spotted, and although it doesn’t reveal a lot about the phone, it does showcase a design that looks somewhat similar to what we’ve already got with the Keyone. The back of the Krypton appears to ditch the textured plastic material in favor of carbon-fiber, and above this is what looks like a metal strip that houses the rear-facing camera and flash.

The camera housing is much smaller on the Krypton than it is on the Keyone, and while it looks like we’ll only be getting one LED flash instead of two this time around, there’s also no camera bump to speak of.

Unfortunately, that’s about all we know regarding the BlackBerry Krypton at this time. TCL is expected to release a new BlackBerry phone at some point next month, but we aren’t sure if that release will be the Krypton or something else entirely.

Either way, 2017 is still shaping up to be one of the better years to be a fan of this once-forgotten brand. (Now, let’s hope we can say the same next year for Palm).

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