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Best Buy is currently running a sale on the Google Pixel 2 that brings the price down from a total of $650 to $550 over the course of 2 years. This sale only applies to Verizon models as Best Buy obviously doesn’t sell the Google Store version. Remember, this has to be done on a 2-year activation through your Verizon account, so you can’t just buy it outright at the $100 discount. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been riddled with minor issues lately, but Google is determined to fix them.

This discount cuts the normal monthly price of the phone from $27.08 down to $22.91 for the 64GB models, and $27.08 from $31.25 for the 128GB models. Best Buy has all available variants of the Google Pixel 2 on sale right now, so head below for specifics and links.

Google just bumped all Pixel 2/XL warranties up to 2-years so you can be sure that you’ll be covered if anything bad happens. If the dull display issue bothers you that much, there are ways to fix it.

Google Pixel 2 Sale |

  • Just Black 64GB $22.91/mo (Reg. $27.08/mo)
  • Clearly White 64GB $22.91/mo (Reg. $27.08/mo)
  • Kinda Blue 64GB $22.91/mo (Reg. $27.08/mo)
  • Just Black 128GB $27.08/mo (Reg. $31.25/mo)
  • Clearly White 128GB $27.08/mo (Reg. $31.25/mo)

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