Chromebooks are great, but they’ve built up a less than stellar reputation over the years from a lot of mainstream users. In the past couple of years, Chrome OS has improved a lot, and now with new hardware on the table, Google is ready for another big marketing push, starting with a new YouTube channel.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

First spotted by the team at ChromeUnboxed, Google has launched a brand new YouTube channel dedicated just to Chromebooks. In the past, Chromebook/OS related content was uploaded to the Google Chrome channel, but that content now has its own home.

The channel made its first uploads just yesterday, and those included 6 new videos including some ads and tutorials surrounding Google’s new Pixelbook.

The ads all highlight things you do on a laptop every day including surfing the web, catching up with family over video chat, and just about anything else the average joe does, Google says “You Chromebook.” It’s a pretty well put together ad if you ask me, and I’m glad the Pixelbook isn’t the only Chromebook Google is highlighting. Other ads show off the Acer Chromebook 14 and the Samsung Chromebook Pro.

Google has also uploaded two new videos to get new Chromebook users started with all the changed that have been added and clear the air a bit for those who have been misled in the past. One of these videos goes over just about everything you can do with a modern Chromebook, and it’s a very quick and effective way to show someone new what they’re in for on one of these machines.

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