Following YouTube VR’s rough early launch on Steam last week, Google Earth VR is getting an update today that adds the ability to explore and navigate the world through Street View. This latest version is rolling out today to both Oculus and Steam.

Version 1.4 of Google Earth VR is now available today with Street View being the primary addition. Virtual reality users will be able to explore the world up-close at a personal street-level. While in the flyover view, spheres will denote where Street View is available.

Navigation is unchanged from the web or mobile apps, with users able to point their controllers to where they want to move. You will be able to “stroll along the streets and roads as if you’re there” as long as there’s an adjacent 360 photo.

Meanwhile, this version also includes speed enhancements. Namely, image load times will be improved on slower internet connections thanks to more efficient uses of bandwidth.

Version 1.4 is rolling out today through Steam for the HTC Vive and various Oculus VR headsets. Full release notes are available here.

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