We haven’t seen any meaningful development on Android Wear in ages, but Google is still giving its users attention with new features added now and again. Recently, Google revealed that it is bringing support for an unread notification indicator.

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Android Wear v2.9 doesn’t change a ton when it comes to the OS as a whole, but it does bring a new icon that alerts you when you have notifications that have yet to be read. That dot-shaped indicator appears at the bottom of the screen, subtly telling users when they have new notifications.

In this upcoming release, rolling out now, this icon will be displayed by default at the bottom of your watchface. Its standard color will be white, but developers will be able to change the color based on their watchface design.

Developers can test this out now in the latest version of the Android Wear SDK, v2.2.0. For users interested in trying the functionality, they thankfully don’t need to wait for Android Oreo. Rather, Wear v2.9 will be available to anyone, as long as their watch is running any version of Android Wear 2.0.

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