Google Photos is absolutely one of the company’s most powerful services, and also one of its most useful. Google is constantly working on improving the service with various features, and recently it’s started listing the locations you visited on a specific date, right alongside the divider for that date.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Photos, the interface, at least by default, splits up your photos based on the date they were taken. As you scroll down, you see your various photos over time, all split up by when they were taken.

To enhance those dividers a bit, Google is starting to add location data. As first noted by Android Police, this is seemingly a server-side change, so not everyone is seeing it just yet, even if they’re running the latest Google Photos version. Presumably, Google will make this available to all down the road.

With this feature enabled, users can see a quick look at where the majority of their photos for that day were taken, and expand the list to see every location included on that day. It’s a handy little feature, but definitely not something most people will use on a daily basis.

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