While we’re definitely big fans of Gmail around here, Yahoo Mail is the go-to email choice for millions of users. Today, the service is launching a brand new mobile web experience, as well as a new app optimized for Android Go.

The best gifts for Android users

Firstly, Yahoo Mail on the mobile web is getting a big redesign. This includes a visual overhaul, as well as new features such as swipe gestures to delete or mark emails as read. You can also customize the interface, create folders for better organization, and the inbox itself now supports infinite scrolling, meaning you won’t have to press “next” to see more emails.

Along with that, Yahoo is debuting an official Yahoo Mail Go app for Android Go devices. This app is optimized to work with less RAM when actively in us, and also has an install size under 10MB.

The Yahoo Mail Go app delivers the same stunning features enjoyed by our current Android app users, while keeping the RAM usage on devices below 50MB and the install size below 10MB. In fact, the original Yahoo Mail app is already extremely lightweight, so we didn’t have to remove major features to reduce the standard Yahoo Mail app size for Go. And we did not compromise on performance – the Go app uses the exact same architecture as the standard Yahoo Mail app.

Yahoo Mail Go is available now on Google Play.

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