yahoo! mail Stories June 19, 2018

Yahoo Mail debuts Android Go app as mobile web app gets a refreshed design [Video]

While we’re definitely big fans of Gmail around here, Yahoo Mail is the go-to email choice for millions of users. Today, the service is launching a brand new mobile web experience, as well as a new app optimized for Android Go.

yahoo! mail Stories April 13, 2016


Yahoo Mail is getting a notable update today for Android (and other mobile app users) that allows access to files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, and GIFs on Tumblr. You can use the new feature to quickly attach a photo or other file from any of the supported services to emails. expand full story

yahoo! mail Stories March 7, 2016

Yahoo Mail update introduces new colored themes among other features

One of the reasons so many users love Android is the virtually endless customization it allows. From core modifications down to the smallest of aesthetic changes, Google‘s OS truly makes it possible for anyone to have something tailored to their needs. Among the things that are most frequently changed are the default apps for services like messaging, social media platforms and emails, among others, as well as third party clients for numerous other apps.

Yahoo’s Mail app, with well over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, can certainly be included on a list of fan-favorite email clients for Android. Today’s update will certainly make at least a few people happy, thanks to the introduction of 11 new themes for a more personalized and colorful experience, in addition to a slew of smaller but certainly welcomed features…

yahoo! mail Stories January 28, 2016

Yahoo Mail Android app gets customizable swipes & other enhancements in latest update

Following an announcement for a revamped news discovery and commenting experience for its homepage and Yahoo mobile apps, the company is also rolling out an updated Yahoo Mail Android app today.

yahoo! mail Stories December 11, 2015

Yahoo Mail’s Android app finally gains Gmail support

With Mailbox now decommissioned, the third party Android email app scene is a little more bleak than it was before. One company hoping to bring us a little joy is Yahoo. It recently updated its Yahoo Mail app to version 5.1.0 which (among other things) now includes support for Gmail. With it being an Android app, you’d assume that it should have Gmail compatibility from the outset. But apparently, Yahoo didn’t see it that way.

Gmail support is added to the pre-existing list of providers, including Outlook, AOL and Yahoo mail accounts. What’s more, you can search your inbox and archive messages just as you would with any good Google-supporting email client. Along with the ability to connect with Gmail accounts, version 5.1.0 also brings the option to select all messages in any individual folder for mass-deleting and moving. They’ve also made it easier to access different accounts and settings.

Here’s the change log posted to the Yahoo Mail Play Store page:

– Connect Gmail mailboxes to read, organize, search and respond to your Gmail messages within the Yahoo Mail app
– Select all messages in a specific folder on your device – just tap on the select all icon in the upper-left corner when moving or deleting multiple messages
Interface improvements for account switching, settings, touch targets, and message list readability
– TalkBack accessibility improvements
– Performance enhancements
As always, the app update is free to new and existing users and is available on the Play Store now.

yahoo! mail Stories October 15, 2015

Yahoo releases redesigned Mail app for Android w/ Outlook, Hotmail, AOL Mail integration

Yahoo is rolling out an update to its Mail app for Android that introduces a refreshed design, as well as new features including smarter search, contacts management and rich compose. Alongside the updated app, Yahoo Mail is for the first time introducing account integration for third-party email services including, Hotmail, and AOL Mail.

yahoo! mail Stories July 9, 2013

Yahoo! Mail updated with support for Dropbox attachments

Earlier this afternoon we reported on a new feature from Dropbox called “Drop-ins” that lets developers seamlessly upload and download files from Dropbox within their apps. Yahoo! has now announced that its Mail app for Android has been updated for support with the feature.

From within the Yahoo! Mail app, simply tap the attachment icon and choose “Share from Dropbox” to share files from the cloud with your emails.

In the app, start a new email, tap the attachment icon and choose “Share from Dropbox.” If you’ve already linked your Dropbox account, then you can start choosing files to share right away. If you don’t have an account, just sign up from within the app.

The update should be available very soon on the Play Store.

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