Android Go Stories October 29

Over the past year, Google and Jio have been working on an “affordable smartphone for India” with more capabilities emerging in June. The JioPhone Next will now be available during Diwali, with Google detailing even more about the $86 device.

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Android Go Stories January 11

Today, TCL is announcing a trio of Android tablets to be released over the next few months, including a model using a NXTPAPER display, their competitor to color E Ink.

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Android Go Stories November 24, 2020

The Vsmart Bee Lite is the cheapest Android Go phone to date at just $26

Android Go might only be aimed at those in emerging markets, which means modest internals and an even more modest price. The Vsmart Bee Lite is the cheapest Android Go device to date, though, with a staggeringly low $26 asking price.

Android Go Stories October 5, 2020

As a way to provide some of Google’s AI photography prowess to low-end smartphones, Google Camera Go has been a fantastic addition to the likes of the Nokia 1.3. While there are options for Portrait Mode and other effects, Google Camera Go is now set to add a dedicated Night Mode for enhanced low-light photography on low-end hardware.

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Android Go Stories September 10, 2020

Following the wider launch on Tuesday, Google today is detailing Android 11 (Go edition). This variant of the mobile OS for entry-level smartphones was first introduced with Oreo and is available on 100 million devices worldwide.

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Android Go Stories September 3, 2020

Android 10 (Go edition) begins rolling out to Nokia 2.1

Despite the rollout of Android 11 on the imminent horizon, the Android 10 (Go edition) update has now begun rolling out for the Nokia 2.1.

Android Go Stories July 21, 2020

At this point, most flagship Android phones have a pretty crazy amount of RAM on board, often hitting double digits. Some of the cheaper models, though, can sometimes skirt the bare minimums. According to a recently leaked document, though, Google will require that all Android smartphones will need to have at least 2GB of RAM starting later this year.

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Android Go Stories March 19, 2020

Alongside the launch of the latest Android Go phone from Nokia, Google today announced a Camera Go app optimized for lower-power devices. The interface is similar to the Pixel’s camera app and it also features a Portrait Mode.

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Android Go Stories October 7, 2019

Every Android device comes preloaded with a few different sets of apps, some chosen by the OEM, some by the cell carrier, and usually a set of Google apps. We’ve now learned precisely which apps Google has mandated inclusion on Android 10 and Android Go phones with Google services, which includes some surprising additions.

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Android Go Stories September 27, 2019

Android 10 Go Edition heading to Nokia phones in early 2020

Nokia has committed to providing updates to a series of Android One phones in recent months, but with the release of Android 10 Go Edition, the company head has confirmed that Nokia Android Go devices will get the update starting in Q1 2020.

Android Go Stories September 25, 2019

Last year, Android (Go edition) launched with Pie, and Google today is detailing the latest version of its OS for entry-level smartphones with less than 1.5GB of RAM. Android 10 (Go edition) is “faster and more secure,” and coming this fall.

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Android Go Stories February 24, 2019

Following a full day of phone announcements from Barcelona, Google is outlining its Android presence at MWC 2019. This includes Android Foldables and 5G, as well as Rich Communication Services (RCS) adoption and Digital Wellbeing officially expanding beyond Pixel and Android One.

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Nokia 1 Plus goes official w/ Android 9 Pie Go Edition, removable cover, costs just $99

Nokia’s affordable Android smartphones have made waves for the company, and today ahead of MWC 2019, the Nokia 1 Plus has gone official. Here’s what you need to know about the company’s new Android 9 Pie Go Edition smartphone.

Android Go Stories November 9, 2018

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core is the company’s second Android Go device w/ better specs

With Android Go, smartphone makers have the ability to launch devices that hit extremely low prices thanks to lower requirements. Today, Samsung is launching its second Android Go device with the Galaxy J4 Core, and it gives users a slight spec upgrade compared to other Android Go devices.

Android Go Stories October 24, 2018

Blu announces Vivo Go, the first Android Pie Go edition phone

Despite being seemingly targeted at developing markets, Android Go is slowly making in-roads to the American market. Blu has announced that its newest phone for the US, the Vivo Go, is based on Android Go, and is our first example of Android Pie Go edition.

Android Go Stories September 20, 2018

Motorola has gone through a shift in priorities since being taken over by Lenovo, but that hasn’t stopped their popular budget lines from getting steady improvements before, during, and after this transition process. The lynchpin of their entire budget line, the Moto E5 — Standard, Play and Plus — play a pivotal role in the Android ecosystem thanks, in part, to their sheer affordability…

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Android Go Stories August 24, 2018

Samsung announces its first Android Go phone w/ Galaxy J2 Core

Compared to the original vision for Android One, Google has had more success getting manufacturers to adopt Android Go. As rumored earlier this year, Samsung is now the latest company to launch a device running an optimized version of Android better suited for lower-end hardware.

Android Go Stories August 23, 2018

Android tablets aren’t a thriving market at all. However, there are still some options out there for customers looking for an alternative to Apple’s iPad and today, Lenovo has debuted several new affordable Android slates.

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Android Go Stories August 15, 2018

Android 9 Pie began rolling out earlier this month to the Pixel and Pixel 2, as well as the Essential Phone. New devices and more updates are expected later this year, with Google now detailing the Go edition of its latest mobile operating system and announcing when the first devices will be available.

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Android Go Stories August 6, 2018

Asus ZenFone Live launches for $109 w/ Android Go and Snapdragon 425

Android Go has launched on quite a few low-end Android smartphones, and this week Asus is joining the crowd with its new ZenFone Live.

Android Go Stories July 13, 2018

With rumors that Samsung is expected to release its first Android Go phone, Motorola today announced a variant of the Moto E5 Play that takes advantage of Google’s optimized version of Android for low-end devices.

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Android Go Stories July 5, 2018

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core w/ Android Go confirmed to launch with Android 8.1 Oreo

After many rumors over the past few weeks, Samsung’s Android Go smartphone finally leaked earlier this week. Now, we’re getting confirmation of what software version it will launch with.

Android Go Stories July 3, 2018

Rumors have been floating around for a while regarding Samsung’s first Android Go smartphone. Today, the first images of the device have leaked out, confirming a few software details everyone should have seen coming.

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Android Go Stories June 22, 2018

Samsung is apparently testing an Android Go smartphone in ‘dozens of markets’

Android Go made a splash earlier this year at MWC, but many big names in the Android industry haven’t done anything with the project just yet. Now, it seems that Samsung is getting ready to bring its first Android Go device to consumers, and it’s apparently being tested in quite a few markets.

Android Go Stories June 19, 2018

Yahoo Mail debuts Android Go app as mobile web app gets a refreshed design [Video]

While we’re definitely big fans of Gmail around here, Yahoo Mail is the go-to email choice for millions of users. Today, the service is launching a brand new mobile web experience, as well as a new app optimized for Android Go.

Android Go Stories June 7, 2018

In important markets, like India, Google often hosts specialized events to announce country-specific features and initiatives. At the second annual Google for Brazil event, the company today announced Android Go, along with new features in Search and Maps.

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Android Go Stories May 31, 2018

Low-end phones are almost always powered by Android, but once you hit a certain point, they’re almost all pretty terrible. Google’s attempt to fix low-end devices is Android Go, and next week, the first device with that optimized version of Android is launching in the United States.

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Android Go Stories May 29, 2018

At MWC in February, Nokia announced a series of smartphones that range from Android Go to midrange and flagship Android One devices. During an event in Moscow today, HMD Global launched devices for the lower-end of its portfolio that focuses on providing international audiences with pure Android and future updates.

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Android Go Stories April 25, 2018

Meizu is partnering with Google to launch an Android Go phone

Another OEM has joined Google in its international, affordability-focused Android Go program.

Android Go Stories March 30, 2018

Android Go makes its US debut on the $79 ZTE Tempo Go, on sale starting today

Google rarely has a large presence at big tech shows, but at CES and MWC this year the company has been pushing its various initiatives and platforms in a big way. At MWC, Android Go was front and center, and now the first smartphone with Android Go is available for sale…

Android Go Stories March 16, 2018

Android Go-powered Alcatel 1X to make US debut for ‘under $100’ w/ 18:9 display and fingerprint sensor in tow

MWC saw the debut of a lot of new Android smartphones, and a huge number of those arrived with support for Google’s Android Go and Android One programs. The first Android Go smartphone to be announced was the Alcatel 1X, and today, we’re finally getting details on the phone’s US release.

Android Go Stories February 27, 2018

Mobile World Congress generally brings us quite a lot of new smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more all running Android. As most of the announcements have passed at this point, we thought we’d take a look at everything that’s new and what will be available in the coming year for Android One and Android Go.

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Android Go Stories February 25, 2018

Just ahead of MWC 2018, ZTE has today unveiled its latest Android smartphones. Included in that launch, we’ve got the new mid-range Blade V9 family, as well as the new Android Go-powered Tempo Go…

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Google kicked off its MWC with expanded rollouts and new features for Google Assistant and Lens. The company also teased Android One and Go announcements, with HMD Global’s Nokia today announcing new devices based on those two initiatives.

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Android Go Stories February 24, 2018

Earlier this week Google revealed that the first phones as part of its Android Go program would be unveiled at MWC 2018, and now the first one is official with the Alcatel 1X…

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Android Go Stories February 23, 2018

We already know that we’ll be seeing the first Android Go-powered smartphones debut at MWC 2018 next week, and ahead of the event, one of those has seemingly leaked.

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Android Go Stories February 22, 2018

Ahead of Mobile World Congress next week, where Samsung and others are expected to introduce the first 2018 flagships, Google is teasing the announcement of the first Oreo (Go edition) and more Android One devices from partners. Meanwhile, Android head Hiroshi Lockheimer also notes Google Assistant, Lens, and RCS developments.

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Android Go Stories January 2, 2018

Android Go is designed to make it possible for smartphone makers to produce ultra-cheap devices that can still run Google’s latest OS. However, we haven’t seen much steam from the program just yet. Now, though, a report is claiming that Google is working with OEMs in India to get Android Go devices launched, including one that costs just $30…

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Android Go Stories December 29, 2017

Android runs on hardware of all sorts, and it does a good job of adjusting to best fit the specifications available to it. However, Google is working to make Android perform even better on low-end hardware, thus the creation of Android Go. Now, Nokia is taking advantage of that program to bring Google’s latest and greatest, Android 8.1, to the $99 Nokia 2.

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Android Go Stories December 5, 2017

At I/O 2017, Google announced Android Go — a version of the operating system optimized on multiple fronts for low-end hardware. Replacing an increasingly upscaled Android One, Android Oreo (Go edition) is launching today with Android 8.1. The first devices from partners will arrive in the coming months.

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Android Go Stories May 19, 2017

In addition to clarifying the differences from previous initiatives like One, last night’s I/O 2017 session on Android Go went into depth about the optimizations made to the OS for entry-level devices.

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Android Go Stories May 18, 2017

Android Go, announced yesterday during the I/O 17 keynote, is Google’s new initiative to bring a speedy and optimized version of Android to sub-$100 devices. But since the long-available Android One platform aims to accomplish similar — albeit not identical — goals, we thought we’d ask Google exactly where Go sits in the new lineup. Not only did Google clarify the difference between them, it also (perhaps mistakingly) touched on the long-rumored launch of Android One for the US…

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Android Go Stories May 17, 2017

It’s no secret that Android runs less than optimally on low-end hardware, and Google is attempting to tackle that problem with a new platform called Android Go. Go is a trimmed down version of Android built upon three keys ideas: OS, apps, and Play Store.

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