Android Go Stories January 11

Today, TCL is announcing a trio of Android tablets to be released over the next few months, including a model using a NXTPAPER display, their competitor to color E Ink.

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Android Go Stories November 24, 2020

The Vsmart Bee Lite is the cheapest Android Go phone to date at just $26

Android Go might only be aimed at those in emerging markets, which means modest internals and an even more modest price. The Vsmart Bee Lite is the cheapest Android Go device to date, though, with a staggeringly low $26 asking price.

Android Go Stories October 5, 2020

As a way to provide some of Google’s AI photography prowess to low-end smartphones, Google Camera Go has been a fantastic addition to the likes of the Nokia 1.3. While there are options for Portrait Mode and other effects, Google Camera Go is now set to add a dedicated Night Mode for enhanced low-light photography on low-end hardware.

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Android Go Stories September 10, 2020

Following the wider launch on Tuesday, Google today is detailing Android 11 (Go edition). This variant of the mobile OS for entry-level smartphones was first introduced with Oreo and is available on 100 million devices worldwide.

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Android Go Stories September 3, 2020

Android 10 (Go edition) begins rolling out to Nokia 2.1

Despite the rollout of Android 11 on the imminent horizon, the Android 10 (Go edition) update has now begun rolling out for the Nokia 2.1.

Android Go Stories July 21, 2020

At this point, most flagship Android phones have a pretty crazy amount of RAM on board, often hitting double digits. Some of the cheaper models, though, can sometimes skirt the bare minimums. According to a recently leaked document, though, Google will require that all Android smartphones will need to have at least 2GB of RAM starting later this year.

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