Android Go Stories May 19

In addition to clarifying the differences from previous initiatives like One, last night’s I/O 2017 session on Android Go went into depth about the optimizations made to the OS for entry-level devices.

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Android Go Stories May 18

Android Go, announced yesterday during the I/O 17 keynote, is Google’s new initiative to bring a speedy and optimized version of Android to sub-$100 devices. But since the long-available Android One platform aims to accomplish similar — albeit not identical — goals, we thought we’d ask Google exactly where Go sits in the new lineup. Not only did Google clarify the difference between them, it also (perhaps mistakingly) touched on the long-rumored launch of Android One for the US…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Android Go Stories May 17

It’s no secret that Android runs less than optimally on low-end hardware, and Google is attempting to tackle that problem with a new platform called Android Go. Go is a trimmed down version of Android built upon three keys ideas: OS, apps, and Play Store.

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